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We could trade our 1st round for

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I don't see us jumping ahead. If anything, I would think we trade down becuase we don't have the 2nd. Overall, I think we stay right where we are because there are going to be some good players when our picks rolls around.

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if we get a comp 3 as expected, I am fine with giving our 3rd or 4th to move up and get Morgan.

It might not be that much to move up 2-3 spots. I think I read Tampa went up 2 spots in the late teens and it only cost them a 5 or 6?

the only way we trade down is if it gets us a player or 2011 round 1 pick IMO.

I could see TD maybe giving our round one for Osi Umeyiora and a 2010 and 2011 2nd or something similar as well.

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Mike vick lol all jokes aside. What are your opinions on jumping ahead of giants and titans and getting morgan or would it cost too much since we don't even have a 2nd.Thought?

Yes it would cost too much, and there are others who can help us at DE potentially as much as Morgan. Namely Griffen or Graham and either could fall to us. ****, I've seen Morgan drop to 19 in a few mocks.

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I like everything I've seen on morgan everyone is on graham 40.40 times mean nothing to me to a point. I wouldn't want a 5.10 guy at end but you get my point.


Graham isn't getting love because of his 40 time...he's getting love because he's a high motor, high work ethic guy who had a fantastic Senior Bowl.

And Matt Ryan for Trent Cole and Mike Vick would make me find a new team....probably the only thing that could push me away.

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