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Who was Worse



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  1. 1. Who was Worse

    • Houston
    • Webster

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i think a healthy Webster was better than Houston. Webster was never healthy tho.

Maybe Houston can do it as a #2 CB. He certainly couldnt as a #1.

I remember comparing him to Ahmad Carrol pre-draft and getting flamed for it by the people who wanted him.

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I am going to go with Webster because he was a FA and I thought he was going to be a solution like you have with alot of your FA acquistions, but the dude was terrible from the start, I hated watching him take the field. Me and my cousin argued over him many times. I think that Houston really played his worst football this year, and really took a step back, but he was progressing the 1st two years even if it was at a snell's pace.

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Webster was worse, but that is not saying much..... That is like saying, "Who was our worst QB? Grazziani or Scott Hunter?" It's a pretty silly question..... Houston has loads of athletic ability, but obviously has a head as thick as concrete if he can't simply learn that YOU CAN'T READ THE WR'S EYES WHEN THE BALL IS IN THE AIR!!!! TURN YOUR HEAD AROUND AND TRACK THE FRIGGIN BALLL!!!!!!"

I will say, the "anger meter" went off the charts when I was watching Houston play, because it wasn't a lack of ability (as is the case with Webster), it is a glaring lack of confidence in himself to the point that he would rather give up half the field on an interferece call than turn his head around and try to make a play...

Personally, I think the FO knows EXACTLY what they are doing.... I just don't think the guy has the MENTAL characteristics it takes to play the position. It's a position where every corner in the league is going to get beat more than they are going to break up a pass, and you have to have the mental make-up to shake it off, clear your head, and play the next snap with pure confidence..... I think the coaching staff spotted a a major crack in his shield... For whatever the reason, he is TERRIFIED to take his eyes off the WR on deep routes, and by the end of the season, it seemed like every team in the league knew this and was more than willing to take a long drive to Houston on 3rd and long.... I don't think I've EVER seen one DB rack up so many yards worth of interference calls in such a short span....

I'll take a guy who at least TRIES to make the play over a guy who gives it away on a flag anyday....

While I was hoping to get a little more, ANYTHING is good to move him.... Now we have a great mix of veteran leadership and some very young talented DB's picked by the NEW regime of TD & Co. (Chris Owens and Chevis Jackson - not to mention the added help of Tye Hill and Brent Grimes)... Owens and Jackson were picked because they are the perfect fit for our scheme (as Houston was picked by McKay for the previous D ) and will be able to ease their way in slowly under solid leadership.... The way the Dynasty teams do it.... :)

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