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Will Svitek

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Just wondering what everybodys thoughts on this guy are. He was a DE in college and has played OT in the NFL with only 6 starts. He played exclusively LT last year and seemed to hold his own for the most part. Seems like we have two guys who could be the future at the right tackle spot (with Reynolds being the other).

Clabo had some trouble at RT last year....and I would not be opposed to moving him inside to one of the guard spots if Blalock is still spotty and put Svitek on the outside. Good idea or just plain dumb?

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Super athletic. A freak of an athlete.

All he needs is experience.

With more experience and a greater mastery of his technique, he could eventually develop into a starter.

For now, it's nice to have this kind of player as a backup.


I agree. He is a really really really good athlete. He has been working at OT since he was drafted in 2005. How much time is needed? Maybe this is the year where he breaks out.

It just seems like our run game shut down vs better teams (which I guess is why they are better teams), but I feel something has to shake up this year. Rather than drafting an OL round 1-3, maybe just a shake up of positions would help.

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