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Our DE problem


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haven't been on in awhile is our front office satisfied with our DE problem, are we sticking with JA98, or a free agent rumor someone may have heard, or use #19 on a good End

Not sure but we really need to get a pass rush next year while our young secondary continues to develop...

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I don't think there's any way anderson will be playing DE. If he is even on the team at the start of the season, he will be rotating at DT.

If we don't pick a DE in the first round, my gut tells me sidbury will be the starter. However I think we'll pick a DE in the first round.

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Abe & Sid on the right, Biermann & Davis on the left. JA98 to the practice squad.

With PJ back, it'll be tough to double-team Abe. Add Grimes to the nickle, Williams/Owens to the LC, D-Rob on the RC, bring Moore up next to Nicholas ocassionally, & draft Spoon at WLB & we now have a vastly improved pass rush that simply wasn't possible last year.

Last year, Abe was getting double-teamed, Grimes & Houston were always winded from being on the field forever & chasing receivers. The depth behind everyone was so below average it was impossible to scheme & keep fresh legs on the field. And Peterson was a coverage liability & only got worse with every game.

We won't have a DE or pass rush problem this year. Biermann will get 8 sacks, PJ will get a couple, Babs could get a couple, Abe will get 15, D-Rob will get a couple, Grimes will get a couple, Moore will get a couple, Nicholas will get a couple, & Spoon will get a couple. That's 2.25 sacks per game, which would put us in the top 5 & is a definite possibility.

Remember, it's a compounding effect. You improve the secondary & the front 4 pass rush gets better (receivers covered=QB's holding the ball too long). You improve the DL pass rush & the secondary coverage gets better (QB's scrambling, throwing into coverage under duress=picks & low 1st down conversion percentages). You improve depth allowing starters to rest without reducing talent on the field, & everyone benefits for obvious reasons. We had NONE of that last year. This year, we have it all.

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