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How do the Falcons feel about this mock

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Graham would be alright but if Morgan is available at 14 or 15 and we can move up I really think we should. I don't know what it would cost (probably a 3rd?) but I personally think it would be worth it. Morgan would be an amazing pick-up for us if we can swing it.

However I can't believe this guy thinks that Dan Williams would be a good fit at 3-4 NT for the Dolphins and I can't believe he thinks that Iupati would be a good fit at OG or OT for the Packers. 3-4 NT's have to eat up blocks and allow other players to make plays, but Williams is best when he can get upfield, penetrate and disrupt plays in the backfield. I was a little confused by Raji going to GB for similar reasons last year, and maybe it will work better than it seems like it would to me, but I think there are a lot better fits to be had for Williams' talents.

And Iupati is just not a good fit in the ZBS any way you slice it. He is a powerful, mauler type of blocker. The Packers want smaller, quicker and more agile guys who can cut block, pull and move well to create cut-back lanes for their backs. Iupati is a drive blocking type who doesn't move well enough for that scheme at all.

I just thought I'd comment on those picks. But some of the reasoning for these selections makes me want to punch my computer screen "The Packers usually target tall corners and Chris Cook is the tallest corner in this class."

Are you ****ing kidding me? This guy can't possibly get paid for this.

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