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New Mock Draft


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I found this new mock draft, completed after this weekend's FA signings to be a little bit different that most of the others. He has Falcons taking CB Kareem Jackson of Alabama. (From Movethesticks.com)

MTS Mock Draft 1.5

I made my first attempt at a mock draft on the Move The Sticks Podcast just before the start of free agency. After a few trades and signings, I decided to update the mock draft before putting it up on the website. I have some notable omissions compared to what others in the media are projecting for the 1st Round. I don’t have Jimmy Clausen, Taylor Mays or Bruce Campbell being selected in the opening round of the 2010 draft. This is a very deep draft and because of that, there are going to be a lot of “big name” players that get pushed into the 2nd round.

1) Rams- S. Bradford QB Oklahoma- Glaring need at the position trumps everything

2) Lions- N. Suh DT Nebraska- More versatile than McCoy

3) Buccaneers- G. McCoy DT Oklahoma- Much needed dominant interior presence

4) Redskins- R. Okung OT Oklahoma St- Must address the biggest issue and that’s the OL

5) Chiefs- E. Berry FS Tennessee- Easy pick for a team that needs playmakers

6) Seahawks-C. Spiller RB Clemson- (See previous comment)

7) Browns-D. Morgan LB Georgia Tech- Browns are big on smart, productive players

8) Raiders- J. Paul DE South Florida- Physical Freak with huge upside

9) Bills- D. Williams NT Tennessee- Perfect fit for the Bills new 3-4

10) Jaguars- R. Matthews RB Fresno St- Copying the Panthers with a deadly duo at RB

11) Broncos- E. Thomas FS Texas- This gives them some youth at Safety and a capable Nickel CB

12) Dolphins- B. Graham DE Michigan- Reminds me of Anthony Spencer

13) 49ers- B. Bulaga OT Iowa- Maybe a little early but a “high floor” pick

14) Seahawks- A. Davis OT Rutgers- Raw talented pass protector fills a void

15) Giants-R. McClain LB Alabama- Size and instincts are excellent but this isn’t Pat Willis 2.0

16) Titans- D. Bryant WR Oklahoma St- A little risky but the talent is too great to pass up

17) 49ers- K. Wilson CB Boise St- Best press corner in the draft

18) Steelers- J. Haden CB Florida- He can go higher if he runs better at his pro day

19) Falcons- K. Jackson CB Alabama- A real fast riser that is excellent on tape

20) Texans- D. McCourty CB Rutgers- Fast, physical press corner that is also a stud on special teams

21) Bengals- J. Gresham TE Oklahoma- They finally land a big time TE for Palmer

22) Patriots- E. Griffen OB USC- Has as much upside as any defender in the draft

23) Packers- T. Williams OT Oklahoma- Fills a huge need and can play both sides

24) Eagles- S. Kindle DE/OB Texas- A nice compliment to Trent Cole

25) Ravens- B. Price DT UCLA- Need to get a younger sidekick for Ngata

26) Cardinals- S. Weatherspoon IB Missouri- Excellent replacement for Dansby

27) Cowboys- C. Brown OT USC- Provides a young athletic OT that can eventually replace Adams

28) Chargers- J. Odrick DE Penn State- Excellent run defender with upside as a rusher

29) Jets- J. Hughes OB TCU- Super productive pass rusher that is athletic in coverage as well

30) Vikings- J. Best RB Cal- Imagine that RB combo

31) Colts-M. Pouncey OC/OG Florida- Need to upgrade the interior of the OL

32) Saints- D. Washington LB TCU- Explosive, playmaking LB that would look great next to Vilma

All I will say is although Kareem Jackson is a player who sounds like a really good prospect, I would LOVE to get Sean Weatherspoon, or either of the two TCU linebackers. Notice he has Brandon Graham going at #12 to Miami.

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was this before the Dunta signing? must have been. I dont see haden falling behind Wilson, even if he doesnt improve his fourty. Dont see the browns drafting morgan, or any front seven guy in the first round for that matter. Its DB or offense for them. No way jaguars go RB in the first, they need another RB, but they also need a defense. like any defense, no way they pass on McClain and haden

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