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The Percy Harvin of this years draft

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He is the type of player you can line up anywhere, RB, WR, KR, PR. If Norwood isn't coming back next year he will make a perfect replacement. He might even be available in the third I can see him dropping there. Or we could even use the new picks or the comp picks to move up.

I dont see that Percy Harvin speed dude gets caught from behind ALOT

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He had a very disappointing season at USC this year and missed a few games with injuries, but He is a very shifty runner with good speed and was a better runner between the tackles than Bush as IMO. If we lose Snelling or Norwood to tenders then I wouldnt mind drafting McKnight

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I've kept up with McKnight ever since the Army All-American game, and he just never really impressed me. There wasn't a single game where I was like "this guy's good". He just wasn't as exciting as Harvin was. Harvin made me nervous everytime the ball was heading in his direction.

Well I can see that from those clips he looks pretty avg to me. I think the system USC had made him look good the film doesnt lie.

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