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Falcons not confirming the Chris Houston to Detroit deal. . . at this time. Stay tuned.

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Glad to know that DLed is 2.5 hours behind everyone else. Isn't it weird the local beat writer never breaks a dang thing, but Schefter is all over it?

lol I think Schefter> every beta writer! But he is >>Orlando. Bedwetter saying that the Falcons are not confirming it, is basically like saying it's official.

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If I was a member of the Falcons FO and someone on the AJC staff called me late on a Sunday night for confirmation of a deal, I would probably hang up too.

Or not confirm the deal, if that's what they prefer to call it.

They probably hate him more than we do.

To be fair, he is way better than Terrance Moore. I would seriously stab that guy right in the eye. Of course, then he would write an article about no one in Atlanta can stab a sports writer in the eye as good as other cities.

Oh, DLed just said:


Falcons confirm that they are talking to Detroit about cornerback Chris Houston, but there is no official trade at this point

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No official trade at this point eh? I call Ledbetter's journalism, Pacific Time. So probably yes, 3 hours ago, there we no deal.

That's the AJC for ya. I remember when I lived in Atlanta, that if anything happened after about... 9 PM (8 PM on Sundays) then it was not making the paper in the morning. Even AP articles would take a day and a half.

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Gotta laugh at the home grown Bedwetter being an hour late and they won't let him inside their circle. I don't know why, perhaps it's all his scathing remarks from the past. Perhaps I am just thinking.


No, I think your right on that. I know on several of the videos on the home page in the past had DLed interviewing Smith and he had this WTF look in his eyes. I don't think the FO has a high opinion of him.

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Less 24 hours after signing cornerback Dunta Robinson, the Falcons confirmed that they are in discussions to

Chris Houston appears set to be traded to the Detroit Lions for an undisclosed draft pick.

trade cornerback Chris Houston to the Detroit Lions.

The completion of the deal revolves around the compensation that the Falcons would receive and some boilerplate trade language in the deal. The Falcons are set to receive an undisclosed draft pick and perhaps switch positions with the Lions in another round of the draft.

Houston, 25, finished last season on injured reserve after suffering a hamstring injury.

Houston was a second-round pick (41st overall) for the Falcons in 2007. He has started 37 of 44 games over his career with the Falcons.

He became expendable after the signing of Robinson to a six-year, $57 million contract. In addition to signing Robinson, the Falcons re-signed cornerback Brian Williams, who opened last season as the starting left cornerback before suffering a season-ending knee injury.

The Falcons are also happy with how cornerbacks Christopher Owens and Brent Grimes played down the stretch of last season.

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