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Your 2010 Starting CB's


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I hope its Owens and Robinson for a couple reasons...

1. They are both very physical corners that can press a WR. Noone is gonna want to go up against these guys a full game.

2. Together its major help in the run game. They both will crack a RB quick.

If Owens learns a little more this offseason and starts with Robinson It will be scary because Decoud and MAYBE Moore at safety Our LB core hopefully with SPOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOON

Can we say top 5 defense???

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I think it's Owens/Robinson with Grimes as a Nickel corner. I don't see Williams being over any of these guys, not with the way Grimes and Owens played at the end of the year, plus the injury he's coming back from.

What a good problem to have. Personally, I like what Williams did last season and love Owens' upside. If we start either on the other side of Robinson, we get great depth with the other one playing nickel and Grimes at dime. We should finally be set to play well against teams that play spread with multiple options.

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It could happen, but that will be decided after mini/training camp and the pre-season.

-- If you had to name another starter based solely on 2009, you'd have to give the nod to Grimes.

Especially with the way he finished the season. I think he is the obvious leader right now.

-- Williams is certainly the leader to win the nickelback position as that is where he really held it down for his time in 2009.

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I too hope Robinson and Owens start. Williams would have been the frontrunner opposite Robinson...but not after that injury. I like Williams, but he is at best an average CB, and Owens could be much better (he already is good in run support, just has to keep improving in coverage.) Besides, we run a lot more man-to-man than we used to, and Owens showed he is good at that. Williams will provide very, very solid CB/S help, but I would rather see Owens contine to start, gain experience, and provide an effective young presence at CB for years to come.

Besides, you already know what B Will brings, another year isn't going to make him better. Owens, with another training camp and preseason under his belt should easily beat him out anyway.

EDIT: Grimes would be an awesome NCB for us...and that is where he belongs.

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