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mark my words, brandon graham will play DE and succeed

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dont have to sell me, im already there! I dont see the point behind short rms for DE when your a outsie speed rusher! as long as you have a good chop to get the OT hands off you your fine! And this kid has proved he can already do that!

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i think he will be a double digit sack guy with double digit TFL each year and that is elite in my book.

I think you are full of **** lol

If that was the thoughts of GM's, he would be going 1st overall, not late 1st/early 2nd...

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he has ability to out leverage and uses his hands well. his short arms will shy some teams away but that will be to our advantage.

I agree i think he will be a very very good player. I either wnat him or spoon i honestly cant decide. I will be very happy with either one

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