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Screw Revis Island, WR's will fear visiting DUNLANTA!


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I can't wait to watch the NFC South passing attack struggle against ATL in 2010.

Welcome to Dunlanta where the players play, and rick cries cuz his wallet couldn't pay!

hahahah I can't believe I want people to pass on us now!

dude we didnt get torched last yr because Owens Grimes Williams and Houston were Dung, we got torched because our best D Lineman Babs only had 6 sacks.and we could not get off the field on 3rd down because the pass rush wasnt there......

we had just as much talent in our Secondary in 09 as we did in 08, maybe more, Owens was just as solid as Foxy was by the end of 09

what was misssing was John Abrahams 16 sacks he had in 08

we get that and we are a 12-4 13-3 team pushing the Saints for the div Title in 09

thats why i dont agree with this high $$$$$$$ corner signing

we needed an Elite Pass Rusher much worse IMO.......

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we needed an Elite Pass Rusher much worse IMO.......

And who would you suggest? Peppers already said during his press conference he wanted to play for a Football town with lots of tradition. Thats NOT Atlanta.

And Chicago payed him 90 million with 40 million guaranteed, So we would have probably had to give up 100+ with like 50 million guaranteed just to even have a chance to get him.

No thanks. Not for a guy who takes every other play off and disappears half the season. We are much better off getting a DE in the draft for cheap or signing a lower tier FA like Kampman.

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