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It's official...........Morgan or Graham


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I'll take o-line or Weatherspoon...

I agree if one of those top tier OT's happen to slip through the cracks

Weatherspoon is a good prospect, definitely will be one of the best players on the board at our pick if he remains

Problem is this, Mike Peterson is not going to give his job up that easily and I doubt the coaching staff wants to take him off the field that quickly

So reality, Weatherspoon is on the bench for half the season or will be used in sprinkles

The other problem is there is a better prospect coming out next year,yea "who knows" and all that good stuff, But if Travis Lewis from Oklahoma would have come out this year, This "Spoon" frenzy wouldnt exist

D Morgan on the other hand is what Mckay thought JA98 was but 700 hundred times more and will be a starter day one in my opinion as well as an impact player

Hawkeye I hope you are right, then again I dont, because I would hate to see another amazing GT product 2 picks away and we not pull the trigger.

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