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Ok fellow armchair GMs...you're TD for the day and get to pick who you want for the 19th pick in the draft...but you have to explain your pick to the fans at the press conferences....so who do you want and why is he a good addition to this team

OLB-sean weatherspoon

weatherspoon will bring energy and speed and toughness to our defense, he will also bring his skill set to our team which being able to blitz and get after the QB, he can cover and get in position to intercept the ball(LB are considered cover guys to not just DB)... He will bring urgency to a position of need

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my buddys get on me because i dont watch much Collage Football, so i couldnt say...

just the top pass rusher available i would think....

i know alot about NFL Football

not much about CFB

they are like oh man come on, CFB is real Football , they dont play for money, they play for the Game.... :blink:

i am like so what lol

Pros Get Paid

CFB Players may get to date a cheerleader lol

89% of NCAA Football Players never see a reg season down in the NFL, theres a reason for that stat guys lol

after watching NFL games so long, most CFB looks slow and sloppy to me....

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