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Graham, Kindle, Hardy, Pierre-Paul or Morgan (if he drops)


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After thinking we would draft an OLB (Weatherspoon)I'm pretty sure we will go DE because Peterson's not going to be 2nd string and Nicholas had a pretty good year 80 tackles and 3 sacks. After looking at some tape of Sergio Kindle, Greg Hardy, Derrick Morgan, and Brandon Graham, and JPP I am sold on Hardy, and Morgan. Now I know Morgan probably will be the first DE taken but his tape he's always is in the backfield but his problem is he misses tackels. Hardy I love because he's always disruptive, and look at the Bama game in 09 he gets chopped by an OT and instantly got back up and blocked a pass. Hardy was always disruptive and has a high motor. I'm not sold on JPP not because of the 7 starts but because he relies too much on his arm length and didn't beat constantly got to the QB late. Kindle I was the same thing he rarely was the first guy to reach the QB also he clearly struggled with Orakpo gone. I think is better suited for a 3-4 defense where he can play LB. Morgan yes he's disruptive but I've noticed that on a good amount of plays he was the last guy there and whenever a guy got an inch past him he just eased up and quit. There have been reports that he takes plays off, like I said he's disruptive but as soon as someone got a little bit past him he quits. I know Morgan prob wont fall to us at 19 but if he and Hardy are there I'd take Morgan but in reality he wont so I would take Hardy.







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1. Derrick Morgan - by far the best fit for our defense. Brings strength, power and quickness off the edge. can hold the point of attacke in the running game - complete D-End.

2. Jason Pierre-Paul - sure he's a one year wonder and physical freak who some will say has "bust" written all over him. It could happen - sure........on the flip side, he could be so good in the future that it would make NFL GMs that skipped him feel foolish for 10 years as well. Has size, speed - explosive player.

3. Brandon Graham - has all the intangibles and college on-field production. His lack of size and - dare I say it - short arms! :) are a concern. Will he get engulfed by the bigger/faster NFL caliber offensive tackles?

4. Sergio Kindle - really he is more of a 3-4 rush linebacker in NFL - poor fit for Falcons in that regard.

5. Greg Hardy - this guy peaked his sophmore year in college when he was unblockable. Injuries, attitude and I don't know what else has led Hardy to be a disappointment the last two years in college - if he can find the magic again, he could be a good one.


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I would LOVE if we got Morgan but from what I saw/heard he's not good in the run game. If he's gone then I trust whoever DE TD and Smith draft that is if they do. Looking at what you wrote I would also like JPP because of his intangibles I don't like Graham for the reason I specified in my 1st post. Yes the short arms also scare me.

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