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Tiffin in the 6th.

I'd even drop a 5th on him. He is proven and played in a lot of big games for Bama and did well. He doesn't have a huge leg but we don't need one. We need a guy who can hit from 50 and under for the next 10 years even in the biggest games, which he has proven he can do.

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We have 2 kickers on the roster

Matt Bryant was signed for 2 years and

Steve Hauschka was the guy we signed when Bryant pulled his hammy ...

My guess is they battle it out in camp and the winner is our kicker

It would be nice if Hauschka won that job. He's 10 years younger than Bryant, and if he can develop we would lock up that position for a long time.

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I'm curious to know what ya'll think makes a good kicker in the NFL. It's hard to figure out because like other positions it doesn't just mean you had impressive stats in college, there is something else that makes some guys fail and some guys succeed. One theory I am considering is how many pressure situations they were faced with in college. Game winning kicks, game tying kicks, etc. Kicks they will be faced with in the NFL on a regular basis.

I haven't looked into it, but it seems like that could be one intangible that separates the kickers who succeed from the one's who don't. I haven't looked into how Tiffin did in this regard, but I am quite certain he has made his fair share of clutch kicks at 'Bama, especially the last 2 years. That makes me like him as a potential later round pick-up.

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