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Let's put Dunta's contract into perspective

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New Falcons CB Dunta Robinson cashed in with Atlanta. He signed a six-year, $57 million contract that includes $25.5 million in guarantees.

Deangelo Hall signed contracts with the Raiders in 2008 at

seven-year, $70 million contract with $24.5 million guaranteed.

with the Redskins on

2/27/2009: A six year deal that contained $23 million in guaranteed money and had a maximum value of $55 million.

Nate Clements signed this contract in 2007

3/2/2007: Signed an eight-year, $80 million contract. The deal contains $22.6 million guaranteed, including an initial roster bonus of $11 million, a second-year $10 million roster bonus, and annual $500,000 workout bonuses. With a voidable year in 2014, it is essentially for seven seasons and $64.02 million.

Now would you rather have Dunta, Deangelo or Clements for that amount of money ?

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I would rather have Dunta.

Dhall never laid the wood like Dunta.

Clements in my opinion isn't no where near as fast.

Same with me, I think Clements is on of the most overrated players in the NFL. Also after TD's first year and how he turned this team around I trust him completely. If he and the rest of the staff felt Robinson was worth it, then he was.

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