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#2 WR Spot

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Vincent Jackson - 6'5", 230lbs and he can stretch the field. Put up 1,000 yards with San Diego last year. Now imagine him across from Roddy.

Malcom Floy - 6'5", 225lbs. Another guy San Diego decided they didn't need. He had almost 800 receiving yards last year, but he just isn't the playmaker Jackson is.

Chris Chambers - Chambers has been around for a while, but still has tred on the tires. In 9 games with KC, he caught for 730 yds and 5td's. Those numbers are with virtually no other threat outside of Bowe, and only noodle-armed Matt Cassel throwing the ball.

Derrick Morgan - Here's a darkhorse. He's been the only productive reciever for Baltimore for the past 3-4 years. His age means he could probably be had at a bargain.

No favorite just tossing out some names. Opinions?

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Jackson is not going to be leaving SD.

Floyd isn't going to leave SD either.

Chambers is worse than Jenkins.

Mason is not going to want to leave Baltimore. However, after acquiring Boldin they may not want mason back. Mason would be a big upgrade over Jenkins. However, he is in his 30's. He is in great shape but he won't be playing for to much longer.

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