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How much would Kampman cost?


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I haven't heard much about what kind of deal Kampman is likely to get. Have y'all heard which teams are are going after him strong? What's your best guess in terms of guaranteed money, bonuses, overall amt., #of years?

Assuming he's healthy, and the price isn't too high, he would improve the pass rush and eliminate the need to use a high pick for DE.

Then, we could go ahead and get Spoon in the 1st - and the defense would be pretty much set.

The third round could be devoted to offense. I think we all expect to have two picks (with the comp.).

There might be a quality O-lineman available with our regular pick, and with the comp. pick they might get

a receiver like Clemson's Jacoby Ford. He's small, but ran 4.28 at the combine - and he's pretty good.


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i would be stunned if the falcons made a move for kampman. he'd likely ask for 6-8 mil a year. and i habent heard the news on Dunta Robinson's contract but its going to be somewhere around 8 million. The falcons really dont want to add another 30 year old end. i think they draft a guy like griffen or graham. i think with the addition of robinson and the likely addition of a pass rush specialist, the falcons are looking like a legiiment defense.

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