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after robinson, what position do we draft early?

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Am I the only person that wouldn't be overly disappointed with taking a corner with our 1st pick? Wilson or McCourty I would be fine with. The reason I like the idea of this is simply while having one reliable CB in robinson is nice, having TWO would be of great help, especially with facing the pass happy Saints twice a year. Furthermore, with Williams back for a year, we don't have to rush the rookie into a starting role. While I am happy we went after a CB in FA, Robinson was shaky last year, it's not guarantee our pass defense suddenly becomes great. Not trying to be negative, just saying we should be cautiously optimistic.

Anyway, having two good corners is tempting to me. Is it what we most likely do? No, but really I'm just kind of seeing what others think. I know we need to improve our pass rush, and I'm no more sold on Graham (probable 1st round pick) than Lane (could be there for us in the 3rd). Just because we don't use our 1st pick on a DE doesn't mean it's not possible to address our pass rushing woes.

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I swear why do people disregard Owens. He will be our starter alongside with Robinson and we have solid depth now with Williams and Grimes, Chevis developing. With that said...

I'd be PISSED if we drafted a CB with the first. Makes no sense whatsoever. DRob isn't like a Tye Hill signing. He's a solid CB and has proven that.

Earliest we would draft a CB would be 4th and that's pushing it.

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