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Kirk Morrison for a 3rd?


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We swap 1st round picks with a team toward the end of the round and get a 2nd and 4th

We deal Snelling for a 2nd

Comp: 3,5,6

1st:Everson Griffen

2nd:Geno Atkins

2nd:Johnathan Dwyer

3rd:Kyle Calloway

4th:Rennie Curran

4th:Walter Thurmond

5th:Erick Decker

5th:Garret Graham

6th:Armanti Edwards

7th:Erick Cook






















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Love the Curran pick (although he probably won't be available in the 4th)...other than that, it's meh. It's extremely unlikely that we'll end up with THAT many picks. Geno Atkins is a 4th rounder at best...I would be embarrassed for us if we'd take him in the 2nd tbh. Dwyer isn't a bad pick but I don't think we need an HB as much as a lot of other people do. HBs are a dime a dozen...pick one or two off of the FA market and let them compete for a roster spot, tada. Rather not waste a 2nd round pick on one.

So basically, other than Curran, who is unlikely to be available where you have us picking him, not a fan. Don't want Griffen in the first, either.

And @markymark...I call it "FF Blinding". People think HBs are more valuable than WRs because of fantasy football...little do they realize that good HBs are a dime a dozen and starters are found in late rounds and as UDFAs almost as often as they're found in early rounds.

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How could anybody who id for this team want to trade Sneelling , this is not a video game! Weird man! Can you not see the value of the player, evidently not!

Remember this, WE could also pick up a LB from Balt with a 4th round pick, Antwan Barnes, remember his name, i wanted him in the draft a few years ago where he went in the 5th rd. This would be a great pick up. I know that Balt hopes nobody reallizes how good he is but I know he would be a steal. He is just now at the prime of his career and I think we be known by all after this coming season. He will rock your socks when he hits someone. It is nothing but crash. Big time thumper and very tough.

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Change your MLB

now Lofton/Gilbert

Gilbert was a UFA and has not been resigned

Of course they can still re-sign him but currently he is not a Falcon.

You got 52 (I think) but

no Punter, no field goal kicker, no long snapper

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