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2nd Mock draft

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This mock is with Robinson already signed.

The Chargers pick Jason Snelling up and we get a 2nd rd. pick

Round 1.

Sean Weatherspoon- You know what he brings.

Round 2.

Demaryius Thomas- I think the injury will let him fall to us in the 2nd rd. Give him few years to really develope and we will have a very good player.

Round 3.

Dennis Pitta- Impressive showing at the combine I think this is the kid I want learning from Tony. BUT if McCoy is ther in the third Rd he is the pick.

Round 4.

Riley Cooper- I thikn he is the future replacement for Jenkins. He blocks well and we have a veyr good WR coach developing him. Some will disagree but I think we get our future number 1 and 2 in this draft.

Round 4 comp.

Ben Tate- This guy was a work horse at Auburn. Give him a few years on ST and to get those legs refreshed and we got the replacement for Turner 3 seasons from now.

Round 5.

D'Anthony Smith- I know he had a good combine and that might not translate but I feel we have a very good D-line coach and this is a project that can turn out really good.

Round 5 comp.

Eric Olsen- Big strong guy that can take over for McClure.

Round 6.

Kyle McCarthy- Safety. Backup/ Special Teams

Round 6 comp.

Kion Wilson- LB USF. BAckup/ Special Teams

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