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I was hoping to spend some $$$ on a DE or OLB too

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With the addition of Robinson in the secondary and a pass rusher at DE and a pass coverage type at OLB, we would be mighty, might dangerous next year, IMO. Granted, I am not as learned in all of the intricacies of Free Agency and what money we have to spend as many others here, but I am just a tad disappointed that I am not hearing more rumor that we are actually stirring up the waters trying to shore up these glaring deficiencies on our team. We are scary close to being a dang good team. I just don't think we can made a big impact in during the 2010 season by filling OT, DE and OLB with rookies in the draft. All just my opinion of course so please don't paste me for wanting to make a big splash in FA this year.

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I dont think we're done yet, but I think we'll sign a couple of tier 2 free agent's remember we build through the draft. I thought we would get Kampman but so far it looks like he's going to either the Hawks or Bucs. So far its the Bucs in the lead

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