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Dunn is BACK!


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As part owner of the team:

Dunn formally rejoins Falcons, as part owner

Posted by Mike Florio on March 5, 2010 2:00 PM ET

In December, the Falcons announced that former NFL running back Warrick Dunn had agreed to buy a small piece of the team, and that the other owners had approved the transaction.

Today, the Falcons announced that it's official.

"During his tenure with the Falcons and throughout his NFL career, Warrick represented the highest of NFL standards on and off the field," owner Arthur Blank said in a team-issued release. "Warrick has a special affinity for the Falcons, as we do for him, and we are very happy he will be back in the Falcons family representing our club as a limited partner."

"This opportunity fulfills one of my professional goals to expand my knowledge and experience in the area of NFL team management, branding and operations," Dunn said. "I am excited to be back as part of the Falcons team and, in particular, to work with Mr. Blank."

Dunn is one of seven limited partners. Blank owns more than 90 percent of the team.

Dunn split his 12-year career between the Buccaneers and the Falcons, with five years in Tampa followed by six in Atlanta and then one last season in Tampa. He was the 2004 Walter Payton Man of the Year, an award that deserves far more attention for its recipients than it seems to get.

Good little read.

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Yep good guy who had a few good seasons with us, to bad the coaches at the time kept running him up the middle for a loss. No ill will towards him as a person or a player here, he is obviously a great guy off the field

It was a poor use of his skills at the time. We really needed a bigger back, who wasn't Duckett, to get the hard yards. Even Tampa managed pretty well with him in his last year.

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One of my favorite all time Falcons for the guy he was off the feild. Don't forget when he agreed to restructure his contract to help us cope with Vick's multi million Mckay folley.

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I remember the story about him meeting face to face with the man who killed his mother. and he said not once, did he get the urge to jump over the table and attack the man. all he wanted to do was talk to him, get to know him.

that story always stuck with me and definitely showed me what kind of person he is. usually i throw out old jerseys (like vick and brooking), but dunn's i kept.

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