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Okay, so I realize that LS is not exactly a sexy position. Not too many in the HOF as LS's, but still it is important to have the right guy there. As we saw this season, when Schneck got hurt, the guy they brought in just couldn't seem to get into sync. Then they got Joe Zelenka, and I thought he did a good job finishing out the season. Today the AJC is reporting that Schneck is retiring and that they have not tried to resign Zalenka. I think he was actually out of football when they got him, so I guess he was just a stop gap. Any ideas where the FO might look for the next LS?

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So he is not sexy.


no, no, he IS!

he went on IR because I pulled his groin.

okay.. i should stop. lol.

Yeah stop please <_<:D

While I appreciate the activity in the thread, this is not where I envisioned it going.........................:huh:

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