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From the 2004 NFL Draft:

Position: Cornerback

School: South Carolina

Status: Senior

Height: 5-11

Weight: 185

40-Yard Dash: 4.45


Dunta Robinson has decent size, very good speed, and the coverage skills to be a shut-down corner in the NFL. He's a physical player. He tackles well, and is not afraid to step up in run support. He has a terrific combination of speed and strength, good acceleration, and quickness closing on the ball carrier.

He shows excellent footwork... has a good back pedal. He's fluid in his turn and possesses great ball skills. Changes direction well. He is also an intelligent player, with character... a team player. He also could be used on kick or punt returns.


Robinson is blessed with great athletic ability overall, but as a corner, he's a little inexperienced. He played running back and wide receive in college before playing safety his freshman year at South Carolina. He moved to cornerback his junior year, so he has been playing the position for just two years. He could certainly use a little polish in the pros. Does not have great height or leaping ability either.


Robinson is a player on the rise. He doesn't have great height, but he has the speed and strength to stay with NFL receivers. He should be selected in the late-first or early-second round.

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From Scouts Inc.

Comment: Robinson has been a starter for virtually all five years he has been in the league. He missed the last third of the 2007 season with a knee injury and came back for the seventh game of the 2008 season regaining his starting spot by Week 12. He has lined up at strong safety while in college and plays bigger than he measures. He is exceptionally quick in a small area and has excellent top-end speed. He is fluid in his hips and can transition out of his pedal without stalling. He has a good burst to drive on the ball and will show an extra gear when he needs to catch up. He can extend the cushion with his pedal and flips his hips to turn and run with ease or any loss of speed. He is better in tight man coverage than when in off coverage and has a tendency to peek into the backfield more than you'd like. He has good ball skills when in the area to make a play on the ball and good leaping ability to compensate for his lack of size. He is not going to garner as much attention as he would have if he could have played a full season, but the Texans are likely to do everything they can to re-sign him.

Scouting report from after the 2008 season.

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