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Two FA options for Atlanta I haven't seen talked about.

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Kevin Walter

I think this guy has been great for Houston. A lot of people think a big part of that is because he has Andre Johnson on the other side, but we have a guy named Roddy White on the other side for him too. Although I've backed Jenkins, I think Walter is a better option. This would open up a lot of other things for us too. Jenkins would drop to the number 4 receiver which would make him very expendable. We could maybe pick up another pick in the draft. I like Walter's hands, and I think he can make some plays for us. I think Cincinnati, Buffalo, Houston, Tampa and Arizona are the main teams that will be after him outside of Atlanta.

Stephan Gostkowski

We definitely need to address the kicker spot and he has been pretty good early in his career. He needs to improve from 40 to 49 but he is still a good kicker from everywhere. New England gave him a very low tender, but I can't remember what exactly I heard it was. Some other teams after him may be New England, Cincy, and Washington.

I don't really expect either to be in Atlanta, but either would be a nice signing in my opinion.

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I dont think NE will give up on Gostowski he is young and he is one of the best kickers in the game already.

I agree, but they gave him a low tender and have said they aren't going to throw too much money at a kicker. I think that is a bit of a smokescreen because they know more than anybody how key a kicker really is.

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