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Would you draft a "Young" Julius Peppers

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Does Pierre- Paul remsemble Peppers?  

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  1. 1. Does Pierre- Paul remsemble Peppers?

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I was doing my "Due Diligance" and scouting lol and I was looking at Pierre-Paul, His size and speed is quite similar to our soon to be ex-next door neibhor Julius Peppers. Pierre is 6'5 270, Peppers was 6'6 283 when he was drafted. Their 40 times are similar as well with Julius running a 4.68, and Paul running a 4.69. He also played basketball in high school. I know he only played one year of college football and his resume is not nearly as impressive as Julius Peppers was coming in to the NFL, But would you agree with me that they measure up some what? I think with some good coaching he might be something spectacular the only thing that is a concern is he only had 19 reps of 225. What do you guys think???

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No. JPP is a one year wonder that one of the fail franchises will take a chance on. We USED to be one of those fail franchises. We've moved on to bigger and better things.

Please never post again.

We could have picked almost anyone else in that draft and they would have been OK.

talking about Anderson; Because this guys sounds like Anderson 2.0

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im not sure if he is a one year wonder, but id rather not take the chance. id rather get a guy who has done well every year he started, than one who had one great year.

X2... No more "great athlete projects" please. H3ll, I don't even know where they got that with JA98 but that was what was said when we drafted him.

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