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Mock Draft 1.0

Ric Roc

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This is my draft board for the upcoming 2010 NFL Draft for each round. I have players listed in the order of which I would select them, based on player availability for each round.

I used the "BPA" approach in making my board. Feel free to disagree/agree, or what have you!

Round 1

Joe Haden DB/Florida -- So the media is pushing the panic and questioning whether or not Haden falls after a disappointing run in his forty... there may be some slippage, but I seriously doubt if that slippage amounts to him being available at 19. BUT, if he is there, no way you pass.

Bruce Campbell OT/Maryland -- Outstanding looking athlete with great measurables and incredible physical attributes. I realize that there are questions as to why his incredible workouts don't match with his pedestrian game tape, but he is too tantalizing a prospect for me to pass on. He has right tackle written all over him. I did consider Garrett Reynolds, which makes this an even tougher pick. But you don't pass on top-shelf talent when it comes to protecting the QB.

Taylor Mays S/Southern California -- I can hear the detractors already... "Speed and urgency" is our defense's mantra. In this year's draft, they don't come any faster or more urgent than Taylor Mays. He was a zone area safety at USC and wasn't asked to play a ton of man-converage, so he has his struggles in that area. But he's a coachable kid, four-year starter, fierce competitor and appears eager to learn and disprove his detractors. Already self-motivated. No history of nagging injuries. I realize the emergence of Thomas DeCoud and the selection of William Moore last year, but our coaches preach competition and the athletic swagger of Mays coming from a program like USC could only elevate that. You're really looking for first-year starters in rounds 1-3, but if you're picking outside the top-10, top-12, I don't think you're finding one on defense.

Sean Weatherspoon OLB/Missouri -- I'm actually more impressed with TCU linebacker, Darryl Washington, but Weatherspoon is an impressive specimen and from all accounts, grades higher than Washington. If we had a second, I would pass on Weatherspoon altogether, and wait for Washington there, but if Haden, Campbell and Mays are all off the board, Weatherspoon gets the nod.

Round 3

Demaryius Thomas WR/Georgia Tech -- A 6'3", 235-pound wideout that was videotaped running a legit 4.3-forty... has questionable hands, but they only exist because the system he played didn't afford him much of an opportunity to prove himself. With his recent broken foot, we take a chance that he slips to us at round 3, and if he is nab him. Imagine flanking him and Roddy outside, and HD or TG in the slot. He provides immediate help.

Jordan Shipley WR/Texas -- I like this kid... he's got heart. He's crafty in the slot and not afraid to cross the middle. He's a leader. Not particularly fast, but sure-handed, pays close detail to his routes and able to create space. Able to find holes in zone coverages and comes back to the ball. Catches with his hands and not body. Guy's a player. May be long gone before here.

Geno Atkins DT/Georgia -- If Thomas is unavailable, I'm not taking the risk of waiting for Atkins when we pick in the fourth. This guy had the fastest forty-time of any DT at the Combine and did 34 reps on the bench press; only two other guys were better. He was virtually unblockable during the Senior Bowl practices and game. Absolutely exposed and abused OG/OT Mike Iupati time after time. Think Jonathan Babineaux, only faster! Every bit as disruptive from the under-tackle position.

Dary Washington OLB/TCU -- I love this kid... I think he's an absolute player. Hard-nosed, sideline-to-sideline speed, great instincts. One of the big surprises for me during the Senior Bowl week. Had a better performance than Sean Weatherspoon in my opinion. Was a special teams contributor as a starter, so would contribute to ours immediately. Would be surprised if he slipped to the third round, but if the aforementioned are gone, he's my guy.

Round 4

Geno Atkins DT/Georgia -- Ideally, Demaryius Thomas is available to us in the third, and Geno falls to us here in the fourth. Both are slim possibilities, but this is how I would prefer it to play out. Again, if Thomas is gone by the time we pick in Round 3, I wouldn't hesitate to pull the trigger on Atkins there, but here is where I would prefer to select him. Just believe that some team would snatch him by the time we pick here.

A.J. Edds OLB/Iowa -- Plays the Sam in a 4-3 and plays it well...excelled during Senior Bowl week, and had a pick in the game. Good size for a LB at 6'4" and 260 pounds.

Amari Spievey CB/Iowa -- I was initially torn here between Spievey and USF DE George Selvie, but I can't stand the sight of another young DE project, and judging from Smitty's and Dimitroff's press conferences, they seem to agree. Let's improve the interior play with the help of Jerry, and allow Kroy and Sidbury another year to grow. Now about Spievey, was very impressive during drills at the Combine and standing at 6'0", has the size that Dimitroff covets. Coming from the Big-12, he has big-game experience against top competition. Would not be the same as drafting a William Middleton. Has very good ball skills, agile when turning directions, and sure hands. I'm hesitant to add more youth to an already youthful secondary, but adding talent is never a bad thing.

Round 4 (Supp.)

Amari Spievey CB/Iowa -- Ideally, if he's still available, this is where you take him...

Roddrick Muckelroy OLB/Texas -- Size, strength, athleticism... coming from a program that coaches great defensive players...would draft him to play the Sam linebacker. Learn from Mike Pete and take over the next year. Hard-nosed player...Smitty's kind of player. Not great range, but he's a run-and-hit type of guy.

Selvish Capers OG/OT/West Virginia -- He's not the biggest at 6'4" and 308 pounds, but he is one of the most explosive offensive linemen in the draft. Had impressive workouts at the draft...he's a converted TE, so he's still raw in some of his technique, but he's still been starting at tackle for three years. I would draft to play on the right side as a swing tackle/guard.

Round 5

Anthony McCoy TE/Southern California -- Great build and fluid pass-catcher. Younger than Dennis Pitta from BYU and perhaps a tad more athletic which is why he gets the nod over Pitta, although Pitta is a step or two faster. Don't think you can go wrong either, as either would get the opportunity to learn from Tony G., but McCoy would be my first choice.

Dennis Pitta TE/BYU -- I fell in love with this guy at the Combine. The two TE's that caught my eye were Anthony McCoy from Southern Cal, and Pitta. But since McCoy's likely to be drafted no later than the middle of round 3, Pitta provides much better value. He is so smooth in how he runs and his big soft hands. Catches effortlessly... also a willing blocker. Stands at 6'4" and 265 pounds. Come

Round 5 (Supp.)

Ed Wang OG/OT/Virginia Tech -- 6'5" and 314 pounds...plays tackle but would convert him to guard. Another converted TE turned tackle...comes from good genes...parents were Olympians in the 70's. A project that could start on the practice squad and work his up.

Vince Oghabaase DT/Duke -- 6'5" and 305 pounds...Mike Smith loves those big bodies upfront that can hold the point of attack and keep the linebackers clean. Lots of quality interior linemen in this draft... while not necessarily a need for us, when provided the opportunity to upgrade what you have, you take it.

Round 6

Cameron Sheffield OLB/DE/Troy -- Not sure exactly where he projects at the next level, he's got explosion and can be coached. Would not be a bad sixth round pick at all.

Round 7

Doug Worthington DE/Ohio State -- Late round project...at 6'5" and 290 pounds, he gives plenty to work with.

Okay...started to get tired and lazy toward the end, so I just listed my late round picks instead of full board. Typing this all took much, much longer than anticipated. I'm just tired now... B)

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