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First Offseason of 2010

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Okay, time for a new offseason with the combine done and free agency about to be underway. So, this will be my realistic mock with no crazy trades. So let's get started:

Positions of Need: CB, DE, Oline depth, #2 WR, DT depth


Clabo - solid not spectacular but as a RFA he gets the tender

Dahl - See above.

Norwood - Can't hold up to a beating, but we have Snelling to be a primary back up. So, we can tender Norwood and hope someone offers us a mid-late round pick for him.

Let Walk:

Grimes - Don't be fooled by half decent play down the stretch, the Grimes experiment has failed. This position has to be upgraded.

B Williams - 31 and coming off an ACL tear, that's not a good combination.

JA 98- Do I have to explain this?

Free Agency: So last year, TD said we wouldn't be "big" players on the '08 FA market - which I think honestly was simply code for "we aren't going after Hayensworth." Truth is we have more holes than we do draft picks, and we need to address atleast two of the above positions of need in free agency. With that in mind. . .

Leigh Bodden CB - Yeah, we weren't big spenders last year, but that was before our secondary got torched repeatedly. We have to come out of this offseason with a true #1 CB. I think Owens can hold down the #2 CB spot, but we need someone who can approach the Fitzgeralds and Colston's of the NFC.

Nate Jones (or Rod Hood) CB - Did I mention we have to upgrade our secondary? You might think this is overkill but frankly its not. If Owens can hold down the #2 CB spot that would leave Jackson and Houston to battle it out for the Nickel spot, and frankly it seemed as if the staff lost faith in Jackson last year, and Houston was routinely burned. Jones had 54 tckls and 4 ints as a purely nickel corner last year. That beats all our starting corners. This guy could lock down the nickel which we play alot, and be ready to take Owens spot should he stumble. Hood would be an alternate.

Marc Tauscher OT - At 33 years old his starting days are probably done. But he could be a solid swing tackle backing up both T spots, or if a G gets injured Clabo could move to G and Tauscher could fill in at RT.

Draft: I suspect the focus will be Def playmaker early and Offensive depth thereafter. I also suspect we'll get comp picks in the 3rd, 4th, and 6th rounds for Brooking, Foxworth, and Milloy.

R1: Brandon Graham DE Mich- We've gotta do better getting to the QB. With Graham, Beer-man, Abe, and Sidbury platooning with Jerry returning our pass rush couldn't help but improve.

R3: Dennis Pitta TE BYU - For some reason Pitta, who has 1st round stats and measurables is being predicted to go in the 3rd round. Well, its good value for TG's heir apparent.

R3 comp: Matt Tennant C BC - McClure is getting an older and a replacement might be needed sooner rather than later. Why not select a pivot your franchise QB is already comfortable with.

R4: Rennie Curran LB UGA - No, I don't go to UGA. Peterson will be 34 this year, and a FA the next. A young, fast WLB in the making is what's called for. Curran may be smallish, but that hasn't stopped Cato June, Thomas Davis, or Gary Brackett now has it? Curran fits the mold an undersized speedster.

R4 comp: D'Anthony Smith DT LaTech - More depth for the middle of the Dline. Im not sayiing Jerry won't have a long healthy career. . .Really! I'm not!

Sorry gotta run. I'll post the rest later!

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Grimes? If Grimes is "our best corner" then we really need help.

R5: Shay Hodge WR OleMiss - Just creating some competition at a spot where its needed. Hodge has gotten progressively better each year.

R6: Brandon Sharpe DE TexTech - A pass rush specialist in the mold of Bierman. You can't have enough good pass rushers just look at the past few year's superbowl participants.

R6 comp: Thomas Austin G Clemson - Just some Oline depth which should be a priority for us this offseason.

R7: Leigh Tiffin K AL - If you don't think that the kicker is important just look at the games where Elam was missing chip shots.

Well that's it.

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