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Official Michael Turner Appreciation Thread for 2010 and beyond.


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I want everyone to take these words into consideration and keep them in your hearts going forward. After the disaster that was the 2008 Falcons' season this franchise was in a low place. Having seen Vick hauled off to prison, our new coach deserting us for ARKANSAS (you have got to be kidding me), and the general run of bad things that went into all of that season; this city needed a super hero. In walks Ladanian Tomlinson's backup. Our front office decided to, seemingly foolishly, throw big time free agent money to a career backup who had some question marks. Most people liked the signing and thought, at the very least, he could be a solid starter for us. How far off the mark we all truly were because then 2009 happened.

I have watched almost 30 years worth of football (don't remember much about when I was under 7...lol) and I am here to tell you that 2009 was the most heroic performance I have ever seen by a running back. Even better than Jamal in 1998, you ask? Without a doubt. Michael Turner put this team straight onto his back and ran like an animal the entire season. The Burner, in that one season, fought more than most backs will their entire career. If you go back and watch those games, just look at how many tackles he broke just to get that yard on 3rd and 1, or to try and stretch the play into a long gain.

Look, we all know that Turner had a down year in 2010 by his 2009 standards but this thread is more of a plea to all NFL fans to support this guy. He may have given his entire career to help bring this franchise back into the winner's circle, and he did it willingly. Michael "the Burner" Turner should already be in our Circle of Honor for giving such an overwhelmingly selfless effort for all of 2009 for a team that was supposed to finish dead last in the NFL.

I want everyone who is a fan of the NFL, not just the Falcons, to co-sign this Michael Turner appreciation thread; because Michael Turner is what every player should be. He could have folded up the tent and called it a nice career after getting that fat payday, but instead he poured his heart into this team and gave everything he had. If you cannot appreciate that then you know nothing about what football really is all about.

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You are correct, hate thinking back to the years after a season ends because it's a new year and you're thinking 2 years ago so that was 2008...but yeah, it should have been 2007. Who let the Bucs fan in here anyways? wtf lol Good spot man, guess I should have typed it up when I was more alert. heh

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