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Free agency starts on Friday.....


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I was thinking the same EXACT thing today. We havent resigned OR tendered anybody...

As long as Dahl/Clabo (at least one of them) come back then I think we can find replacements for Norwood/Snelling (at least one of them)

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Oh, it will happen.

And every scrub, washed up former big name or available FA who we might otherwise be interested in but are not for whatever reason (off the field issues, scheme fit, whatever) will be dubbed the franchise savior and we missed out by not getting them.

It's nuts. Every year. Might as well have fun with it :lol:

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TATF Annual Free Agency Requirement:

For every player released/not signed by another NFL team, there must be a dozen or more threads in TATF that say something like "Player XYZ....Bring Him Home TD" or "What Does Everyone Think About Signing Player XYZ?".

These players, of course, should be immediately signed by the Falcons because it's intuitively obvious they would be an immediate improvement over players currently on the roster, regardless of their age, health, ability, salary, intelligence, work ethic, character or leadership skills.

Hey....it works OK on Madden, doesn't it?blink.gif

T.O., Peppers, Cromartie, Rolle, Sproles, L.T., Westbrook, Harrison anyone????laugh.gif

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