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Any idea when we begin to see our FAs resigned

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I was wondering when we would begin to hear if our FAs had been resigned like Norwood, Dahl, Grimes etc. Any timeline?

The deadline is midnight on 3/4. The deadline to possibly sign a new CBA or extension of the pool or other issues that come into play such as RFA's is the same date. TD said they wanted to finish the process of evaluating the current players as well as draftees at the combine. There's no hurry in tendering an offer when they have a plan for every scenario and only have to put it down on paper at the last minute.

So 3/4 would be the day in my opinion.

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Dahl is a RFA and the #10 Rank among the OG's.

Clabo is a RFA and the #5 Rank among the OT's

Snelling is a RFA and the #8 Rank among the RB's

Norwood is a RFA and is the #9 Rank among the RB's

Grimes is a RFA and is the #7 rank Among the CB's

B Williams is a UFA and is the #9 rank among CB's

Redman is a UFA and the #18 Rank among QB's

TD will get them inked after the combine.

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The owners have all the power this offseason. And they are in no hurry to rush and sign their players, unless it's a very high caliber player who they don't want to tick off.

All the teams have to do is "tender" their free agents or restricted free agents. Then the team can sit back and allow the market to be established for a certain player. If another team offers a contract, your team simply can match, or allow the player to leave and receive draft choices in return.

This "uncapped" year is horrible if you are a player. It's great if you are an owner or a GM.

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