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Facebook: Tommy Nobis for Pro Football Hall of Fame


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Any fan may nominate any qualified person who has been connected with pro football in any capacity simply by writing to the Pro Football Hall of Fame. The only restriction is that a player and coach must have last played or coached at least five seasons before he can be considered. For example, a candidate for the 2010 class must have concluded his career not later than the 2004 season.

There is no mandatory retirement period for a contributor. Every nomination received will be processed and forwarded to the Selection Committee.

It is important to emphasize that the Hall of Fame itself has no say whatsoever as to who is or is not elected to membership. The only function of the staff is to process the nominations as they arrive and to coordinate the annual meeting.


Only two thing U can do for Nobis,

Every Nominated player will be reviewed


Nominate-Pro Football Hall of Fame Fan-Tommy Nobis

1. Write a letter- (only one fan letter needed)

2121 George Halas Drive Northwest

Canton, OH 44708-2699

2. Fax- a letter- (only one fan letter needed)

Fax: 330-456-9080

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The only way for Nobis to make the Hall, is to be nominated by the Seniors Committee. They announce their 2 player nominations in August, but the preliminary list of senior candidateds is compiled and sent out before June 1st

To assure that older players will be considered along with the Modern Era players, a Seniors Committee, made up of nine veteran members of the overall Selection Committee, has been established to consider nominees whose active career has been completed by at least 25 years.

Like the full Committee, the members of the Seniors Committee are provided a preliminary list of eligible nominees. The list, which is compiled and mailed to the selectors by June 1, includes carry-over nominations from the previous year, first-time eligible candidates, and nominations from any outside source. By way of a mail ballot the Committee members reduce the list to 15 Senior Nominee finalists. Five members of the nine-man Committee, selected on a rotating basis, are designated to attend the annual Seniors Committee meeting held in Canton, where they are charged with the responsibility of nominating two candidates from that list to be among the 17 finalists for Hall of Fame election. In advance of the meeting, each selector is provided with detailed biographical information on the candidates.

Senior Committee members are assisted during their annual meeting by two Hall of Fame consultants, chosen by the Hall’s president, who were contemporaries of the majority of the nominees. The consultants offer only their opinions and are not entitled to vote. After each candidate is discussed thoroughly, the consultants are excused from the meeting. Additional discussion is conducted followed by a series of reduction votes that results in the naming of two Senior Nominees.

Although the Senior Nominees will be presented to the full Selection Committee as two of the 17 finalists, their election to the Hall of Fame is not automatic. The Senior Nominees must receive the same minimum 80% of the vote as a Modern Era candidate to be elected.

It may be worth dropping the Hall and the 9 Senior Committee members a polite e-mail in April/May putting Nobis's case.

Dan Pompei, Chicago Tribune*

Rick Gosselin, Dallas Morning News*

John McClain, Houston Chronicle*

Edwin Pope, Miami Herald*

Ron Borges, Boston Herald*

John Czarnecki, FOXSports.com*

Dave Goldberg, AOL Sports/Fanhouse*

Ira Miller, The Sports Xchange*

Len Shapiro, Miami Herald*

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