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WR combine today


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The Wide out will be working out at the combine today, could be a great time to see the athleticism of what could fall to us.

Who do you think will have the fastest 40 time, bench the most, and have the best hands?

The RBs are also working out too, so keep an eye out for someone good who could fall to us in the 6th round.

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40 Times


Ford, Jacoby 4.28

Price, Taylor 4.41

Sanders, Emmanuel 4.41

Tate, Golden 4.42

Banks, Brandon 4.43

Williams, Kyle 4.43

Easley, Marcus 4.46

Roberts, Andre 4.46

Long, Brandon 4.46

Mitchell, Carlton 4.49

3 Cone Drill


Long, Brandon 6.45

Sanders, Emmanuel 6.60

White, Blair 6.69

Williams, Jeremy 6.73

Perry, Jared 6.75

Bell, Chris 6.76

Roberts, Andre 6.77

Williams, Damian 6.79

LaFell, Brandon 6.81

Williams, Stephen 6.81

Bench 225lb Reps


Benn, Arrelious 20

Jones, Donald 20

Long, Brandon 20

McGaha, Chris 19

Williams, Damian 19

White, Blair 18

Tate, Golden 17

Easley, Marcus 16

Mitchell, Carlton 16

Parker, Preston 16

Price, Taylor 16

Shipley, Jordan 16

Vertical Jump


Long, Brandon 41.5

Jones, Donald 41.0

Arnett, Alric 40.0

McGaha, Chris 40.0

Sanders, Emmanuel 39.5

Gilyard, Mardy 39.0

Williams, Damian 38.0

Benn, Arrelious 37.0

Price, Taylor 37.0

Reed, Brandon 37.0

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