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I wonder if Demarius Thomas could drop all the way to the 3rd?


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He could be a nice big target for Ryan,, great hands (cept for the one big drop vs UGA) he prob wont last that long, but the broken foot gonna make him drop a little at least.. Wish we had a 2nd.. i think we could grab him there.

I think he might make it to the 3rd.

While he is a big strong WR, he isnt a guy with blazing speed and he played for an option team so route running and consistent hands is gonna be an issue for him.

I think he has great potential but as a prospect he might be the 5th or 6th best WR

I would love to snatch him up on day 2 any time.

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I think Chan Gailey (Bey-Bey's former HC at GT) is gonna be all over Thomas' jock. For Falcons to get Thomas, Buffalo would have to pass on him three times in a row - don't think that will happen.

Only chance I see for Falcons to get Thomas would be if they traded down from #19 and ended up with either late 1st/late 2nd or something like that (two 2nd's, etc).

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