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News on 2010 Schedule that is being worked on now

BIG FRED : 1/29/2010 3:08 pm

I got this email from a friend of mine about next years NFL schedule .I guess we will see how true this is in April ....

A third party company works with the NFL for the scheduling period. Making the schedule for the next season is a huge process because you have to schedule around already scheduled events, have to take team requests (I.E. Tampa Bay doesn't want to play SF on the road one week and then Cleveland on the road the next) and figure out what teams get MNF, SNF, TNF game and how many. Then you have to proof read the schedule to make **** sure you don't have any conflicts and that no team is getting screwed by travel time and days between games and that stuff.

ESPN and NBC send in their requests this time of the year. From what I've heard we'll see, in no order:



New England/Green Bay

Atlanta/New Orleans

Indy/NY Giants

New England/NY Jets

Dallas/NY Giants



Green Bay/Philly


Pittsburgh/New Orleans

Denver/San Diego on Christmas

They second MNF game on opening week will probably be Oakland/San Fran but San Diego/Oakland, Denver/Oakland and Oakland/Seattle are also being thrown around


New Orleans/Baltimore




New England/Indy

Green Bay/Minnesota

San Diego/New England


San Diego/Indy

New Orleans/Minnesota

And the opening thursday night game of the season depends on who wins the Super Bowl. If New Orleans wins it will be New Orleans/Atlanta at the SuperDome and if Indy wins it will be Indy/Cincinnati at Lucas Oil Stadium

Thanksgiving games will be Detroit/NY Jets and Dallas/Chicago. Tampa Bay/Carolina will probably be the night game.

Those are the requests ESPN/NBC have sent in for MNF and SNF that have been accepted and will happen. There's a bunch more games that have been requested but CBS/FOX have protected or the NFL just didn't accept.

Most likely this is totally false so this is just something to talk about... So what do you think ?

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