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10 things you would take from a hardware store

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ok here is a game we played at lowes the other day.... here is the scenario.

you are in lowes or home depot.. all of a sudden "it" breaks out.. what is it? it could be aliens, war, attack of giant tomatoes. you dont know.. all you know is that there is chaos outside and you have to get back to your home/family.... will you attempt to drive in the chaos? likely not. so you only have time to grab 10 things.... what do you get and why?

here's mine

1. multitool--- obvious reasons

2. A heavy duty machete-- cutting, digging, and can be used as a weapon

3. duct tape- fastening and can fix pretty much anything

4. roll of surgical tubing- besides the obvious it can be used to siphon, or as a long straw to get out of reach water..

5. tarp- used for shelter.. water proofing your other gear, and used as a backpack for the day

6. first aid kit

7. Rope

8. welding striker with replacement flints

9. mag light- used as a flashlight weapon or to make a fire in an emergency

10. long piece of thin metal pipe.- sharpen the end for a spear or to cook food on.. used also in emergency to hide underwater and be able to breathe.

yes we have way too much time on our hands during this time of year.

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Don't wait. Build your BOB BAG now. Have several, one for each family member, one in each car.

Then you won't have to scrounge like the Haitians. Be prepared.

In a barter economy .22/.45/.223/.30 ammo will be worth their weight in DIAMONDS.

MREs are $5 per. That's 12 meals for $60 including matches and a method by which to cook the food.

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