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Senior Bowl Game Thread

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yeah as he gets the same # of reps as pike he seems to be moving the ball as much, stronger arm but with the fumble, none of the QB's are someone i want us to draft in even rd 7.

Oh good lord no, I don't think it's a good thing that Robinson's looked the best (although he basically laid over and died instead of trying to recover that fumble). Beyond Clausen and Bradford this is just a lousy QB class.

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I think that Graham is playing his way out of our pick, someone tell him to dial it down a little bit.

I hope not, and I don't think he is. Too many teams that pay more attention to crap like arm length than playmaking out there. There's so many "big name" DE's not in this game that I think teams will obsess over due to measurables that Graham will just drop right into our laps, as Mr. Dimitroff puts his hands together and goes, "Excellent..."

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