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Any senior bowl updates?

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yeah some quarterbacks can't take a snap from center. imagine that.

Here is some info from another thread.

Day 1 (1/25/10)

Oklahoma State CB Perrish Cox cut under a route by Jeremy Williams for an interception of QB Jarrett Brown. It would have been a pick six in game conditions.

USC safety Taylor Mays is patrolling the middle of the field and looking for the knockout punches. He got one againt The Citadel WR Andre Roberts, hitting him as the ball arrived and knocking it loose.

PK Brett Swenson of Michigan State showing a good leg on kickoffs, reaching the 10, 5, 7, 9, 13, and 6 despite booting into a stiff wind.

UMass OG Vladimir Ducasse played well in 11-on-11 drills. He did a nice job sealing defenders inside and sprung LeGarrette Blount loose for a long gain

Texas DL Lamarr Houston is showing a really aggressive burst and punch at the snap.

USC offensive lineman Jeff Byers twice kept Alabama defensive lineman Terrence Cody tied up so long that Cody looked worn out after the second effort.

About halfway through the first South team practice, Florida WR Riley Cooper looks the most polished at his position.

Michigan DE/OLB Brandon Graham showed great speed and a strong swim move working against Virginia Tech OT Ed Wang in one-on-one drills. Scouts are raving about him

Despite his 5-8 frame, Clemson WR Jacoby Ford has caught everything thrown his way after dropping the first pass of the day. Ford's size hasn't stopped him from reaching the top 20 of wide receivers.

Citadel WR Andre Roberts is coming off the line with really good speed that is causing cornerbacks to drop back, allowing him to cut underneath with good separation. He's made three consecutive catches, including a pair against LSU's Harry Coleman.

USC's Taylor Mays was the most consistently physical and successful CB on that last drill in the South Practice. He uses his hands and upper body really well during initial contact at the line

As the South practice, cornerbacks are lining up on the wide receivers at the line of scrimmage to show their abilty to disrupt their route at the snap. Florida WR Riley Cooper has been impressive and very physical battling past every CB so far. South Florida CB Jerome Murphy was the only one who truly tied him up.

In speaking with scouts, there are a handful who are disappointed that Brandon LaFell and Trent Williams decided not to attend the Senior Bowl.


Geno Atkins/DT/Georgia: Atkins disappointed scouts with his play in 2009 but elevated his game on the first day of Senior Bowl practice. Atkins was explosive and unstoppable for most of the afternoon session. He was constantly getting penetration behind the line of scrimmage and regularly beating bigger, stronger opponents.

Perrish Cox/CB/Oklahoma State: Many NFL scouts rate Cox as the top senior cornerback, and he showed why today. Cox shut down just about every receiver he faced and displayed top ball skills. His fundamentals were solid as was his athleticism.

Terrell Skinner/S/Maryland: The former Terp cornerback showed off his coverage skills Monday, culminating with an interception of quarterback Tony Pike. Already possessing very good size, he was physical throughout practice and has many believing he could eventually start at the next level.

Michael Hoomanawanui/TE/Illinois: Hoomanawanui overwhelmed the linebackers and safeties that attempted to cover him all day. He caught the ball very well and did a better-than-expected job at blocking. Hoomanawanui is trying to reverse what was a poor senior season at Illinois and is off to a good start.

LaGarrette Blount/RB/Oregon: Blount was a late addition to the Senior Bowl, and he displayed the skills which made him such a highly rated running back coming into the season. He ran tough between the tackles and showed a burst, which many did not know he possessed.

Mitch Petrus/G/Arkansas: Petrus, a former fullback at Arkansas, has improved his play the past three seasons and looked terrific in his first Senior Bowl practice. He moves well on his feet and does a terrific job blocking in motion. Petrus surprised scouts with his power. He not only handled opponents at the point of attack, but drove larger defensive linemen off the ball throughout the afternoon.

Mike Johnson/G/Alabama: Johnson was an imposing-looking figure Monday morning, measuring 6-feet, 5½-inches and 306 pounds during weigh-ins. The former Alabama starter played to his size during practice, dominating opponents. Johnson did not give up an inch against anyone he faced and was solid as both a run blocker and in pass protection.

Dan Williams/DT/Tennessee: Williams was ferocious on the inside and pushed blockers around all day. He possesses terrific power and was able to collapse the pocket or bullrush opponents off the ball. Williams continues to move up draft boards.


Terrence Cody/DT/Alabama: Cody looked poorly conditioned on Monday, tipping the scales at a sloppy 370 pounds. During practice he quickly tired and struggled to keep pace with the rest of the linemen. He was pushed to the ground and handled by lesser opponents on a number of occasions.

Selvish Capers/T/West Virginia: Capers struggled from the get-go. He was beaten around the corner by speed rushers or pushed back off the line by power opponents. All too often Capers was left to pull himself off the field after being pushed to the ground by opponents.

Notes: One of the more interesting prospects on the field is former Alabama-Birmingham quarterback Joe Webb, who's exclusively lining up at receiver during the Senior Bowl. After some early bumps in practice, Webb got his feet underneath him and looked like the transition to his new position would be a smooth one. Webb's day culminated when he beat Florida State's Patrick Robinson on a deep route and made a difficult, over-the-shoulder reception.

Myron Rolle, the Rhodes Scholar recipient who did not play football last season, looked solid for a someone that's been away from football for a year.

Florida quarterback Tim Tebow drew the largest crowds, but it was a coach who received the biggest cheer. At the start of the South's practice Monday afternoon, a black SUV made its' way onto the practice area. Nick Saban then stepped from the vehicle to the thunderous applause of the Alabama faithful, many who jumped to their feet to cheer their national-title-winning coach.


Ole Miss RB #22 Dexter McCluster played like a star today. He exploded through the line and was able to exploit tiny holes for big gains. Easy to imagine him doing the same at the next level.

Oklahoma State QB #10 Zac Robinson was a smooth operator, throwing timely and tight sprials. Robinson was able to connect with UAB WR #5 Joe Webb on the deepest pass of the session.

Florida QB #15 Tim Tebow had an up-and-down session. Pro: play-action fake leading to connection with Ole Miss WR #3 Shay Hodge during 9-on-7's. Cons: trouble with center exchange, a long windup and inaccuracy.

Tulane WR #20 Jeremy Williams made outstanding catches on a several tough balls.

Mississippi State RB #24 Anthony Dixon excelled in both running and blocking. He dominated the blitz pick-up drill and was a thumper as a lead blocker.

Southern California RB #13 Stefon Johnson displayed good vision and cut-back, but was a little tentative, which is understandable.

Ole Miss OT #77 John Jerry received tons of attention from the Dolphins coaching staff. His appeal to power-running teams is apparent.

Southern California OC #53 Jeff Byers was a technician in drills, displaying top footwork. Defenders were seen cutting back in line to find more favorable matchups in "The Pit."

Arkansas OL #66 Mitch Petrus was a go-getter; he had quick feet and a nose for contact.

Operating at right guard, Baylor OL J.D. Walton opened up big holes during 9-on-7 drills.


Alabama DT #62 Terrence Cody was an immovable object at the point of attack. Cody didn't push the pocket but will not give ground. In better shape he has unique potential.

South Florida DE #95 George Selvie couldn't be handled by the South tackles. Selvie displayed the first step and balance required of N.F.L. ends. Selvie made an impact in both run and pass situations.

Auburn DE #52 Antonio Coleman also was a menace in pass rush drills, displaying good hand fighting and aggression.

Florida State DB #23 Patrick Robinson is sticky in bump-and-run and had several pass break-ups.

Alabama DB #28 Javier Arenas displayed polished ball skills and exceptional awareness.

Interceptions were recorded by South Florida DB Nate Allen and Oklahoma State cornerback Perrish Cox. Cox's play was pretty; he read the route and broke on the ball with urgency.

Florida State LB #36 Dakota Watson isn't the biggest but he can lay the wood. Recorded the most violent hit of the session.

Troy DE #90 Brandon Lang and East Carolina DE #93 C.J. Wilson both won battles using superior leverage and drive. Lang was also stout defeating trap blocks.

Southern California DB #21 Taylor Mays is a rare bird: a linebacker who runs like a defensive back. He was not tested by the South QB's.

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yeah some quarterbacks can't take a snap from center. imagine that.

Florida QB #15 Tim Tebow had an up-and-down session. Pro: play-action fake leading to connection with Ole Miss WR #3 Shay Hodge during 9-on-7's. Cons: trouble with center exchange, a long windup and inaccuracy.

That would be because he spent almost his entire college career out of shotgun :lol: He better hope someone who runs a version of the spread drafts him.

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