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AFMB 2010 Fantasy Baseball Draft Thread

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Your pretty much just shooting darts this late in the draft. Figured I'd pick Frenchy since he had a pretty good second half last season.

i admire your dedication to him... i finally had to cut ties with him for fantasy purposes last year... especially in a league that counts BB, OPS and K's he can sink your ship... most of the last two years one's team would have been better off not playing anyone in the OF spot

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Man Im over this thing, the search does not work for any of these guys so just give me 2 players. I got to much going on right now to keep looking for people.

just go to the first page of this thread... hit ctrl f and type in the guys name you are looking for. . Mookie has done a great job keeping it updated this whole time

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is this a hockey fantasy league? :blink:

nope. kid can pitch. averages about a K per inning and so far this spring should get either the 4th or 5th spot in the rotation. for the last pick, his upside is worth a shot. had a couple of other guys that i was looking at, but didn't think they had as much upside. we'll see if he does anything or not. ^_^

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