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It's amazing how 1 year changes everyones opinion.... READ THIS

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Some people are just showing their true colors as the bandwagon type of fans they are while the few true fans that bleed red, white, and black have stayed loyal from the beginning. I have been loyal to this team for 34 years now and will be rewarded with the first of many Super Bowl appearances.

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We were an immature team last year. And when I say that I am talking about being consistent. We were a young team that went though growing pains when it came to consisteny. But now that we have dealt with these groming pains I think we will see a more mature team out on the field.

A team that does all the little things so we can be consistent. I think this is are year to win the Super Bowl. The Offense will be fine and we can look at Harry coming bake like a bonus because when you think about it we could have been very good without HD if we were consistent.

We found out that the D has improved. Owens will have his bumos in the road but if he improves his play over the off season as well as grimes, we will actually have something we havent had in a while, a solid secondary. A seaondary that is ball hawking and will hit. We know Grimes, Owens, and Decoud will hit any RB and we will find out that Moore will to.

LB corp was our best area on the D, we know the kind of play we will get from them. And a bonus we might see will be Nicholas further improving his coverage skills.

The D line. Peria we know improves it and if Babs has another great year our DE will feast on QB's.

Excellent post.

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I didn't think it was Ryan or Turners fault, yea Ryan showed his age at times but we expected that.

My call on what caused us alot of our games can be summed up in one position.......kicking...field goals either cost us a game or cost us the momentum needed to finish the games strong.

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If I supported another NFC South team I'd be hoping Turner's best years are behind him aswell as everyone in this division no for the Falcons to have success Turner has to be big.In the last 2 seasons it would be interested to see Turners yard per carry average against NFC south opponents I'm guessing but i think it might be in that 5-6 yard per carry average.I'm not worried about Turner he'll be as good if not better than this year and has still got plenty left in the tank for sure.

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2008- was a great year for us 11-5 .... bottom line. everyone loved turner and ryan

2009- not so much 9-7 two games worse.... now some people are bagging on turner and ryan, our franchise money players.

1 year should not change your opinion about 2 young superstars in the making.

Come On People! Have Some Faith!


+10 B)

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