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TD needs to consider


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TD needs to try to pursue Chargers WR Vincent Jackson & their CB Antonio Cromartie.

Signing Jackson would put Jenkins on the bench and instantly relieve pressure off of White. Jenkins is not the threat that will open up the offense for the Falcons.

#1 WR White

#2 WR Jackson

#3 WR Douglas

#4 WR Jenkins - restructure his contract and he can take the place of Finneran

#5 WR Finneran- If he don't retire or a draft pick

Signing Cromartie would help get rid of Jackson. It would move Houston to Nickle where he wouldn't have to worry to much about the outside cause he would only be responsible for the middle. Maybe he can then learn how to turn his head.

LCB Owens

RCB Cromartie

NCB Houston - Nickle back, Owens backup

DCB Williams, B.- Dime back, Cromartie backup, sign one year league minimum

CB Draft pick (mid rounder) - with the comp pick eventually a starter, but a st ace 1st yr

1st round pick could then be used for RT,DL (either end/tackle), or LB

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Antonio Cromartie i understand completely .... Vincent Jackson i dont it to happen.... I am a huge Vincent Jackson but the guy is going to get Roddy White type money....

I would love it if we could find a way to get Cromartie.

With Antonio Cromartie off the field issue... I dont see it happening.

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Brian Williams is gone ... knee required reconstruction.

Chevis stays as reserve CB.

Will get a FA CB to start.

Swing tackle possibly in the third.

FO not as concerned about the WR situation as the fans and media.

BPA at DE or OLB ... possibly DT pending Babs situation and if anyone drops.

Don't be surprised if CJ Spiller gets a hard look because of our draft range.

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