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Because our top 2 draft picks went down for the season


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SO when you really think about we were plaing with basically last years D. BUT without A big body DT like Grady we have suffered. WIthout a really good vet Safety like Milloy we have suffered. Without the one year wonder like Foxworth we have suffered.

But lets look on the bright side. We have drafted a big body DT in Jerry that is better than Grady. We drafted William Moore that has the same skills, physicality, way better range, but doesnt have the same experience. But either way we have upgraded both positions. Not only did we upgrade at DT and safety will have also found our other safety in Decoud. And we have found 1 of our CB's in Owens.

So lets say next season niether Peria or William gets injured, well then we know our D got better. But know we can add in a CB that will be starting and our other Safety.

So that leaves us with how many holes on D?

Well 1 CB spot

1 OLB spot

1 DT spot

and 1 DE spot.

Well we will take care of either the CB or OLB spot in the draft. While there is some good CB's that will be available in free agency I believe drafting and developing a young CB the way you want to is the best way.

We wont go DE in free agency. most of the guys that might be available are aging. SO I think we will stick eith our young guns Sid and Kroy and see their improvement.

But DT is aposition I think we will go in free agency. A guy TD knows well is Richard Seymour and he is an upgrade. But t the sametime I feel the only way we get into the 2nd rd of the draft is by trading Babs and Coleman.

So now we have a 1st and 2nd rd pick to take care of OLB and CB. And while they might be young there will be no denying that all the pieces are here. Time and developement will make this team great.

I would love to see on the field

Decoud Moore

Ras-I Dowling Owens

Mikey P. Lofton Weatherspoon(Nicholas splits time with Mikey P.and Weatherspoon and gets further groomed)

Sid Seymour Jerry Jam( On running plays, passing plays Sid and Kroy.)

Although its a very young D all the pieces will be here. For the Dynasty.

Although I would not be surprised to see TD send Abe, Babs, and Coleman for a late 1st rd. pick

I can see us sending these guys to Seattle for the 1st rd pick they get from Denver. Becasue they already have 1 1st rd pick.

So if that happens we might See Haden if he falls to us and Weatherspoon. But realisticly I am hearing good things about Ras-I Dowling so he and Weatherspoon would be a very nice first 2 picks. And not only that if we pick Ras we would hit the jack pot becasue he's not 5-10 he's actually 6-2.

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Yall ned to get over Babs. He has played well, but look at this D. As a whole its not very good right now. If you want to keep this same D just to keep one guy then you dont realize what will make this team better. THe guy has trade value. In other words we can trade him to a team and actually get back some sort of value that will make this team better.

And birds of prey. You need to wake and realize Vick is gone. Matt Ryan is already better than him, Matt RYan can actually lead a team.

You have to do whats best for the team and right now we have a good amount of work to do to get this D completely fixed. If we have to get rid of him and take a step back then fine because come draft time we will take 2 steps forward.

And great we have allowed .6 less ypc. But almost every QB throws for 300 yards on us, becasue obviously that D line is not getting to the QB enough, and that includes Babs. Its 3rd and 8, everyone knows the opposing team is throwing the ball and were is this great player number 95? Getting killed at the line of scrimmage.

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I am a huge advocate for Richard Seymour as he'll add stability and versatility across our whole line and DT/DE and NT will be covered with him there.

I don't no why it is that we would think about trading our best DT though what are people on the board thinking you all got me there I think we got to definitely get a CB and OLB help but CB is the one for me we must address first either in the draft or FA.I'd prefer the draft as thats where we have found Owens Moore and DeCoud so I'm thinking why not stop there.

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Jerry is not a big body DT. However, he is a quick 300-lb'er that will help our pass rush up the middle.

I hear that his knee injury did not involve a ligament. It is supposedly a small bone fracture. That is very good news and means that he should be 100% by training camp.

Our pass rush was poor this season, but Sidbury and Bierman will provide J Abraham some help next season. Add another quick DE in this draft and we should be in good shape.

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since when did DT become a hole? babs has played at a pro bowl level, jerry will be back, anderson is decent at NT and vance walker has played well. we're also allowing .6 less ypc than last year, which is really good considering that we've been without grady and jerry.

I agree DT was not a problem this year, our problem was lack of consistent pressure from our DE, which means that DE is a problem for us that needs to be fixed this offseason. Our run defense improved from last year, but our pass coverage declined from last year mainly because we arent getting the same production from the DE position, which means that JA98 needs to be a fulltime DT.

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