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Falcons Miracle on 34th street !


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Tonight as fans we swallow our pride and we root for the Saints not only to beat Dallas but maybe put a onslaught on them so they start questioning the Head Coach/Owner and even the QB ..Wake up in Snow filled Giant stadium to take on the Jets with out our QB and with our star running back but we somehow someway squeak out a win and just gets the ball rollin

Monday Night.. a NYG whos defense has been shredded over last month or so with the Redskin playing good ball just not finding ways to win wants to send there embattled coach out on a nice winning streak. They play hard vs a division rival and want to play the role of spoiler

Saints win over Dallas

Falcons win a close one vs NYJ

Wash finds a way to win vs NYG

Week 16

We get a healthy Ryan/Turner back ..in the dome..we take care of buisness vs the Bills. I dont think there is a way Carolina can somehow find a way to beat the Giants so Im not even going to count on it but we need that Redskin team to buckle its chin strap up and win this gameat home in front of the good home crowd and spoli yet another division opponenet . Lets also get a win by Philly and a loss to Minnesota @ Chi so they will have to go into week 17 with something to play for

Falcons win vs Buffalo

Washington somehow some way finds a way to beat Dallas

NYG can go ahead and beat Carolina..

Chi win vs Vikings at home ...would be huge

Week 17

Were still in it with a fighting chance and a slim hope but we got here.. With playoff hope still in tact we handly take care of what we need to in Tampa with a convincing win ..playing the best ball we have in awhile and hope the cards fall our way.. Philadephia with something to play for and a possible bye they go into Dallas and end there season like they did last season but this in front of Cowboy fan

Minny not knowing whats going on with Philly game are taking care of buisness at home vs NYG ..so they can get a bye and a home game in the 2nd round

Falcons win vs Tampa

Minny beats NYG...needing that 2 spot

Philly beats Dallas in hopes of 2nd spot and to end division rival year again .


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To be honest, it's not completely out of the realm of possibility. We would absolutely need to win out otherwise it doesn't matter.


Washington is more than capable of beating the Giants and the Cowboys.

The Giants have Washington, Carolina, and Minnesota. All 3 could be losses, the first 2 easily trap games, and the if Minnesota doesn't sit starters, they're the better team hands down.

The Cowboys have the Saints, Redskins, and Eagles. All 3 are tough games.

Essentially we need to win out, and need the Cowboys and Giants to lose out. Either both teams need to finish 8-8. The odds are VERY VERY low, but we're not officially eliminated yet ;)

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