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TD/Smith players


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I read a thread the other day that made some bad comments about players from "previous" regimes.

So I got to thinking what would the current all TD/Smith Falcon team look like.

No agenda here just for interest

Note I know that they had to resign most of the past players so they did decide to keep them.

As I say just for fun the team with only 08/09 new players.


LDE Sidbury

DT P Jerry

DT T Johnson Walker

RDE Biermann Lucas*

OLB Adkins R James*

MLB Lofton Gilbert

OLB Peterson Wire

LCB B Williams T Hill

RCB Owens C Jackson G Sharpe*

SS DeCoud Moore Brock*

FS Coleman Fudge Peprah


WR-X H Douglas Swinton*

LT S Baker

LG Reynolds Schlecter*

C Romberg

RG Valdez* Bruggeman*

RT Will Sivtek

TE Gonzalez J Peelle Zinger J Rader

WR-Z Booker Bergeron

QB M Ryan Wilson

RB M Turner A Stecker A. Smith*

FB Haynes

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How much do you seriously think can be obtained in just 2 years ?

Oh i'm in no means disappointed, as I said I did this because someone else mad bad comments about the players

from past coaches and I was interested in exactly how much has been done and I was surprised.

I got nothing against the older players or the ones brought in in the last 2 years.

Yes there does need to be upgrades a several positions some from the older players and some from the newer players but I'm pleased with the progress over the last 2 years.

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