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Falcons vs Jets


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Despite the Jets having the #1 rushing offense and #1 total, scoring, and passing defense... I think we have a chance to win this game.

Adam Schefter tweeted that the Jets are reporting Mark Sanchez will start this Sunday. If we can pressure him I think we may be able to get some things done defensively. They may feel that they can attack our secondary.

It's gonna be a tough game, but I think we match up well. Revis will undoubtedly blanket Roddy all game, so we'll have to rely on Jenkins and Gonzalez creating some room and making plays. The running game is gonna be our key to victory in this one, though. If Turner is out then I still feel good about Snelling/Norwood... but there has been some talk that Turner will try to go despite being less than 100%.

Thoughts on the game?

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If Turner can go and he's not playing tentatively...I honestly see us winning. Even with our road struggles.

Their receivers are solid, but I think our secondary is playing tons better. They have a pretty good Oline though.

If the Cowboys win Saturday though, I do expect a letdown. People will moan and groan but I think it's only natural that after finding out there is no postseason we'll see our team lose some fire.

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Very happy with what I saw today! I thought we'd have a good chance with Sanchez back at QB because the kid has never played a cold weather game like that. He's a good QB, but I felt that we had a good chance to take advantage of his inexperience in this situation.

And he delivered 3 INTs, including one to seal the game.

I have got to give major major props to our defense in this game. Especially on the effort at the end by Chauncey Davis and Kroy Biermann. I'm loving that I can expect this team to keep on fighting like that. So many times our guys have come out and made a big play in the 4th quarter... even though we lost some of those game.

Real proud of this team going forward. Real proud of the effort in this game.

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