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I think I have an idea that will greatly improve these boards


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I hope everyone is having a happy holiday season. I was thinking about what we could do to improve the experience for fans of the AFMB, and I have an idea.

I think we need to take Talk About The Falcons and break it up into 3 seaparate groups. These groups are:

1. ***** about the Falcons - This will give a place for all of the people who want to constantly thrash their supposedly favorite team. It will let them all co-miserate together and leave the rest of us alone. It will be Hater Heaven!

2. "Realist" Talk About the Falcons - There is a group here who call themselves "realists". They are honestly much more intelligent that the folks in category 1, they have a good understanding of football, and are willing to discuss issues with the team. But these folks think that Criticism is a spiritual gift from The Lord above, and 99.999999% of what they post is negative. It is not wrong or unintelligent, but frequency of positive posts from this group is as often as a win by the Lions - basically 0-1 each year. If they have their own forum, they can talk to the people they want to talk to.

3. The "I Want To Focus On the Positives" of the Falcons - This is the group that wants to talk about the issues with the team, but still believe in the Falcons and the progress we are making. This is the group that will stand by and support their team no matter what, and will always cheer for a win.

Just a thought..... wink.gif


I thought, the "Pure Football" forum was supposed to do the trick. What with screening the rift raft and what not. Turns out, as much as people cant stand the rift raft, that's where the action is. Members of "Pure Football" post in the "common folk" forum all the time. Seems to me, "number 2" (and 3) should fit nicely into the "Pure Football" forum.

You see, you can split forums from now until eternity, but at the end of the day, the action will always follow the "common man". Us plain folk may not be as refined and cultured as the rest of ya, but society needs us.

You need us so you can feel good about yourself.

As for the rift raft? Well, what ya see is what ya get. For some folk... well, that's good enough.

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Congratualtions! You are officially the 1,000,000,000,000,000th person to make that suggestion that has so many holes in it that it would never fly! There is no set of restrictions that would make a difference, and if that Falcons have to do that, it defeats the purpose of having an open forum for their fans.

The major problem is that these boards are what the Falcons want them to be, not what YOU want them to be.

With all due respect, Rev. Hal: we both were heading toward the same objective, which was to suggest changes that were designed to make the overall experience better for the majority of posters here--nothing more or less. You're typically a pretty level headed person with a good sense of humor, so I'm unsure why your responses to the suggestion sounded so negative, even if the suggestion has been made one quadrillion times already .

I believe that we'd both agree (and I had already noted in my initial post) that there was no foolproof way to completely deter trolls and grossly negative behavior, and my suggestion would not prohibit anyone from posting responses to any existing thread: it would only prevent them from starting a new thread until they had 100 posts and had been members for 30 days. IMHO, this would not defeat the purpose of an open forum, it would simply add some additional programming controls that would serve the greater good, and nothing more.

Your last sentence is somewhat confusing: These boards should be what the Falcons want, and that's not a problem. I don't recall either of us advocating our desire to have such control over the boards. Moderators have been on these boards for a significant length of time, and do their best to maintain the values, standards, guidelines and expectations of the Falcons; however, I don't think that precludes the possibility that a general forum member might have a suggestion that would also comply with the values, standards, guidelines and expectations of the Falcons.

This would be so easy to get around that it would create a logistical nightmare trying to moderate it. No matter how much you think this would deter trolls, you are absolutely wrong. It would no virtually nothing to slow them down. They would have multiple accounts aging and building up posts that when 1 gets banned, they would just move to the next one.

It just is not going to happen, so continuing to beg for it only becomes as annoying as the people you consider to be a troll.

There wouldn't need to be any 'extra' moderation by a human and would not be any more of a logistical nightmare than currently exists. The moderation would be programmed into the system logic to check the number of posts and validate that the poster has been registered 30 days or more. It's clear that the system already counts posts, and I believe that it maintains date values which could be used to implement the 30 day control.

Trolls who are banned today seem to always start new accounts shortly thereafter, and my suggestion would not prevent that; however, it would prevent them from starting new threads until 30 days and 100 new posts.

My last word on this: I sincerely hope that making this suggestion is not 'annoying' and hope that I'm never considered to be a troll in any sense of the word. My history on these boards has been one of overwhelmingly positive and supportive posts regarding the players, coaches, fans and team. I'll admit to a fair dose of sarcasm and humor, and have engaged in an occasional troll-smack down, but there's no question that I'd one of the people posting in your new suggested forum #3 The "I Want To Focus On the Positives" of the Falcons.

I'm usually one of those people who sees the glass as half full, and when confronted by an opportunity for a positive change, I typically explore and evaluate the possibilities, instead of throwing up my hands and thinking "that's not the way we alway do it" or "there's no way we can make that happen--it will never work."

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You point is acknowledged, but it will absolitely never happen on the official site. It would shut down before it became a pay site.

or just have a place for saints fans to go to on this board, because lord knows they dont hang out on their own boards...for saints fans only...thats the ticket

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