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Who did we tick off?

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Is it me or are the injuries on this team getting out of hand???

Did we somehow tick off the football gods???

Every week it seems we are putting someone on IR....


It's just part of the game. No one is assured an injury free roster and many starters will have to play with some type of injury during the season.

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...the seven teams that currently have 10 or more players on injured reserve have an aggregate record of just 36-55 (.396). Only two of those clubs, the Saints (12 players on injured reserve) and Baltimore Ravens (11), have winning records. Three of the clubs have won two or fewer games apiece.

There are eight franchises with three or fewer players each on injured reserve, and their combined record is 57-47 (.548). Five of those eight teams own winning marks, and three either lead or are tied for the lead in their respective divisions. From that group, only the Oakland Raiders (three players on IR) have fewer than five victories.

ESPN Article

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With low expectations, we got lucky last year with few injuries and an easy schedule and way overachieved. This year, with expectations high, we get hit with the toughest possible schedule and injuries across the board to a team with little depth to begin with.

Just the nature of the beast. The good news is, when next year rolls around, we will have much better after all of the injued players get added back to the roster and we've had a chance to see what our back-ups offer and replace the scrubs that have done more harm than good with genuine impactful football players.

Bottom line, though, anytime a team suufers so many injuries that you have to pick-up players off the street in the middle of a season as we have this season, your play will suffer badly. Even back-ups are typically primarily on the team for thier special teams play, so there will always be a drop off when a player goes down.

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