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sorry to hear that man ..

First let me say.. I'm very sorry... I lost a red bone hound that was very close as well...

That said, your post made me think of 2 humerous things...


Detective John Kimble: I have a headache.

Lowell: It might be a tumor.

Detective John Kimble: It's not a "toooomer"!

No disrepect intended, just a brief taste of humor...

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Sorry to hear that. I'm a teacher...fixed your spelling. Sorry, habit.

I'm sorry as well. We had to put our dog down several years ago. My son was about 11 at the time. I can tell you that was painful. Dogs are great, but their life spans are so much shorter than ours, it is inevitable that you're gonna lose them at some point.

BTW, teach.......you missed one:

<< ( discfalcon) my condolances>> ^_^

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MY dog of 13 years was just put down because of a brain toomer. she was there every game with me watching the good games and bad and she will be missed

Sorry man. She's on Rainbow Bridge now. :)

(If you don't know Rainbow Bridge, it's a small excerpt that's well worth reading: LINK)

We, at the Atlanta Humane Society, suggest grieving pet-owners take a look at it. More times than not, it does help.

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Sorry to hear that, take time to grieve and then give another dog/cat a chance, I know from personal experience that PAWS Atlanta and Ruffus Rescue are two great places to go for dogs/cats.


The lady that runs the place is a little kooky but she's great to deal with and you can find a pretty good dog through her, she only takes in dogs with good temperaments.

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