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What has your home state contributed?


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First place anybody flew a plane


Krispy Kreme



Golden Corral

Mt. Olive Pickles


Link Wray (pioneer of distorted guitar tones and inventor of the power chord)

James Taylor

Ben Folds Five

Squirell Nut Zippers

Doc Watson

the first public university in the United States (UNC - Chapel Hill)

1/2 of Steven King's movies were filmed in NC

other movies filmed here include: Cape Fear, Bull Durham, The Green Mile, The Fugitive, Talladega Nights, Children Of The Corn, The Color Purple, Dirty Dancing, Glory, Patch Adams, Hannibal, Leatherheads, The Crow, Being There, Blue Velvet, and many more.

Billy Graham

Jesse Helms

fmr. President Andrew Jackson

fmr. President Andrew Johnson

fmr. President James K. Polk

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Maya Angelou

Thomas Wolfe

David Brinkley

Howard Cosell

Charles Kuralt

Charlie Rose

Roberta Flack

John Coltrane

Thelonius Monk

Ava Gardner

Andy Griffith

Dale Earhardt JR

Michael Jordan

Jim "Catfish" Hunter

Charlie "Choo Choo" Justice

Meadowlark Lemon

Richard Petty

Gaylord Perry

Sugar Ray Leonard

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